Confusion over Scarborough Bluffs Park prompts move to change the name

Toronto’s parks department wants councillors to take the “bluffs” out of Scarborough Bluffs Park.

In a motion being considered Tuesday, Toronto’s Parks, Forestry and Recreation division has recommended the name be changed to Scarboro Crescent Park to help alleviate safety and traffic issues arising from the park being commonly confused with nearby Bluffer’s Park.


Scarborough Bluffs Park, located at 61 Undercliff Drive in the east end of the city, is located on top of the cliff near Bluffer’s Park, but unlike the more popular destination, there’s no direct access to Lake Ontario.

“A lot of the people coming are really out of the area people … who have just put in ‘Scarborough Bluffs’ into Google, and it has directed them to the park on the top,” Scarborough Southwest Coun. Gary Crawford told the Morning Show on AM640.

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Some visitors to Scarborough Bluffs Park are using “unsafe and dangerous methods” to scale their way down the cliff to gain access to the beach, according to a report from the parks department’s general manager.

Last year, there were about 25 calls to emergency services to rescue park visitors despite signs warning of the danger.

“They get there thinking that this is the Bluffer’s Park and they want to get down to the beach … which is a very, very dangerous climb, if not life threatening,” Crawford said.

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The parks department report said that the confusion between the names has resulted in disappointment from visitors and traffic congestion headaches.

There is little parking near Scarborough Bluffs Park, and the number of visitors to the Bluffs area in general has dramatically increased in recent years, the report noted.​

“Each year, Toronto Police Services receives dozens of calls to address altercations between drivers competing for the limited number of on-street parking spots,” the report stated.

Toronto city council has deferred the final decision on the matter to Scarborough Community Council, which makes recommendations on local planning and development issues.

“It’s a very easy fix, changing the name to Scarboro Crescent Park,” Crawford said, adding that he hopes search engines will then more easily direct people to the park at the bottom of the bluffs.

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