Global News Weather Window

Rain, snow, sleet, hail, wind, sun, or clouds… have a special image you’d love to share? We’d love to see your weather photos from around the Calgary area and show them off to all of our Global News viewers!

Email your photos to  [email protected]杭州龙凤

Then watch for the Global News WEATHER WINDOW every day on Global News Morning!

Check out some of the Global News Weather Window photos shared by our viewers through @globalcalgary on Instagram:

CREDIT: Linda Rickard

CREDIT: Jennifer Craig

CREDIT: Lisa Harbidge

CREDIT: Michelle Gilbert

CREDIT: Athina Sofocleous

CREDIT: Terry James

CREDIT: Diane Muchka

CREDIT: Laurie Shannon

CREDIT: Brian Graftaas

CREDIT: Dolleen Armitage

CREDIT: Michelle Rooney

CREDIT: Ken McGillivray

CREDIT: Shirley Gordon

CREDIT: Dave Parkinson

CREDIT: Gary Watson

CREDIT: Lynne Gore

CREDIT: Lynne Gore

CREDIT: Kendra Lawson

CREDIT: Gary Parker

CREDIT: Bob Leuty

CREDIT: Peter Lywood

CREDIT: Brittany Gerard

CREDIT: Colin Paddington

CREDIT: Liz Miller

CREDIT: Susan Peyto

CREDIT: Violet Thatcher

CREDIT: Teese Riplinger

CREDIT: Catherine Waterton

CREDIT: Ken McGillivray

CREDIT: Deb Rhyasen

CREDIT: Jeannie Parker

CREDIT: James Hunt

CREDIT: Dave Parkinson

CREDIT: Joanne Merrick

CREDIT: Mike Gallaher

CREDIT: Clark Seaborn

CREDIT: Ryan Sowtis

CREDIT: Jenn Howson

CREDIT: Barry Normore

CREDIT: Rob Wilson

CREDIT: John Cranton

CREDIT: Ben Berg

CREDIT: Joe Otte

CREDIT: Candice Gisel

CREDIT: Carrie Mashon

CREDIT: Richard Sushelnitsky

CREDIT: Karen Jennings

CREDIT: Torey Hopwood

CREDIT: Kevin Mihalcheon

CREDIT: Paul Millar

CREDIT: Phil Rickard

CREDIT: Maria Leibel

CREDIT: Tessa Brand

CREDIT: Chris Duchaine

CREDIT: Derek Kohut

CREDIT: Amber Schinkel


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