May Day protesters mock Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad by throwing cans at police

May Day protesters in Portland and other American cities mocked a recent Pepsi commercial starring Kendall Jenner during marches to protest President Donald Trump’s immigration, labour and other policies on Monday.

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In Portland, police were forced to shut down a protest they said had become a riot and arrested more than two dozen people, after masked demonstrators threw smoke bombs, Molotov cocktails and cans of the popular soft drink at officers.

At least three people were arrested after anarchists smashed windows, set fires and vandalized police vehicles.

Earlier in the protest, a Portland Mercury reporter snapped a photo of a demonstrator attempting to hand riot police a can of Pepsi. Apparently the officer didn’t take it.

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May Day marchers in New York also tried to extend a figurative olive branch with a can of pop. Gothamist reported that the NYPD officer declined the can as well.

In Los Angeles, a demonstrator had a little more success passing a can to a police officer. Video shot by an alternative activist site captured the LAPD officer accepting the can before the protester began yelling and harassing him.

A May Day demonstrator in Los Angeles pokes fun at Pepsi and Kendall Jenner by handing LAPD officer a can of soda.

Peoples Radio United

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The use of pop cans was a satirical response to a controversial commercial featuring model Kendall Jenner released by the soft drink giant last month, which was accused of being exploitative, appropriating Black Lives Matter and trivializing activist movements.

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The advertisement was pulled shortly after its release due to backlash on social media.

May Day demonstrations, celebrated as International Workers’ Day, were far more peaceful in other international cities, which saw protesters demanded better working conditions.

But the widespread protests in the United States were aimed directly at the new Republican president, who has followed up his aggressive anti-immigrant and anti-socialist rhetoric on the campaign trail with action in the White House.

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