Montreal police brotherhood head says Liberals asked him to run

The Surete du Quebec has opened a criminal investigation into allegations made by Yves Francoeur. Then on Tuesday, the head of the Montreal police brotherhood dropped another bombshell.

Francoeur first made serious allegations Thursday on live radio. He alleges two Liberal MNA’s —; one still in office —; should have been charged in a 2012 fraud case.


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The crown prosecutor’s office made the call even after attacking Francoeur’s credibility.

“It’s like going on a fishing expedition,” said Annick Murphy, the crown prosecutor’s office director, during a justice commission at the National Assembly on Monday.

Murphy said the union boss should meet with her to tell her what he knows.

“I don’t understand how it is possible to have that information for years, and just act now,” said Minister Pierre Moreau, Treasury Board President. “This is very suspicious, don’t you think?”

It wasn’t the only suspicious thing to come from Yves Francoeur. Tuesday, he made another surprising announcement —; using the Montreal police brotherhood 杭州桑拿会所 account, he claimed the Liberal Party asked him several months ago to run as one of their candidates. He said they offered him the Montreal riding already held my MNA Robert Poeti.

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“If some people think I’m going away, I’m leaving politics, they’re wrong,” an emotional Poeti said.

When asked if he felt betrayed by the Liberal Party, he said: “Not by the party, but by the person who thinks I’m leaving, or the person who thinks he has the right to offer my riding.”

Last week, Liberal MNA Guy Ouellette also said someone was trying to force him and other colleagues out of the party and offer their seats to other candidates.

“We don’t know if it’s true. We’ll see. We’ll try to know if anyone would have tried to do that,” said Sylvain Langis, Liberal head organizer. He added that no one in any official capacity to recruit candidates, spoke with Francoeur.

The premier wouldn’t answer reporter questions about any of Francoeur’s allegations, but in question period, he denied the Liberal caucus was in chaos… or that any of these recent events have shaken the party.

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