Petition circulating to change Quebec’s controversial history curriculum

A coalition of educators and parents have started circulating a petition to demand Quebec change its history curriculum.

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They say their main concern is an apparent lack of representation of the Anglophone community, as well as minorities and indigenous people in Quebec’s history books.

“Children in school today don’t see themselves, their parents, or their grandparents reflected in the historical narrative,” said Carol Meindl, of the Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations.

“And yet, they have been there.”

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How students view Quebec history


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    Opponents of the curriculum, such as the Kativik School Board, have come out to say it “repeats a historical pattern of oppression.”

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    Westmount High School teacher Robert Green also wrote that it “casts Anglophones in the role of comic-book villains.”

    In a statement, a spokesperson with the Quebec Education Ministry told Global News the current curriculum is a pilot project slated to last until next month, and that Anglophone and Aboriginal groups consulted seemed happy with it.

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    The coalition is demanding the province involve more stakeholders when it comes to consultations on future curriculums.