Weather advisory ended for funnel clouds possible in Saskatoon, parts of Sask.

UPDATE: All advisories mentioned in this story have ended

Environment Canada says conditions were favourable for the development of funnel clouds in Saskatoon and others parts of Saskatchewan Tuesday.

According to the federal agency, these types of funnel clouds are generated by weak rotation and normally don’t pose a danger near the ground. However, there was a chance of them turning into weak landspout tornadoes.



  • Fog advisory ended in all parts of central Saskatchewan

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    If a funnel cloud develops nearby, people are advised to prepare to take shelter.

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    Saskatoon Forecast


    Saskatoon started the day with thick fog, dropping visibility down to 200 metres as we fell below the freezing mark this morning.

    Once the fog lifted this morning, mostly cloudy skies moved in as we warmed up into low double digits by noon.

    There is a risk of cold core funnel clouds in the Saskatoon area today with enough vorticity (or rotation) in the lower atmosphere to sustain such features in the convective clouds this afternoon.

    Thunderstorms will roll through this afternoon as we warm into the mid-teens with some heavier rain associated with these storms.


    Clouds will clear back out tonight as we cool back toward, but just above freezing for an overnight low.


    We’ll start the day in the sunshine on Wednesday with some higher cloud moving in during the day.

    Temperatures should climb a bit further into the mid-teens with an afternoon high around 17 degrees.


    A massive upper ridge will punch in the heat for the rest of the week, bringing in Saskatoon’s biggest warm up so far this year.

    Partly to mostly sunny skies are expected both days with daytime highs jumping from the low 20s on Thursday into the mid 20s by Friday.

    Massive upper ridge builds in the heat and sunshine later this week.

    SkyTracker Weather

    Weekend Outlook

    It looks as though the heat will peak on Saturday with a daytime high in the mid-to-upper 20s as clouds roll back in during the day with mostly cloudy skies and a chance of thunderstorms Sunday, but the mercury should still climb into the low 20s.

    Here is your Saskatoon SkyTracker 7-Day Weather Forecast.

    SkyTracker Weather

    This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Braden Ottenbreit at Narrow Hills Provincial Park:

    May 2: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Braden Ottenbreit at Narrow Hills Provincial Park.

    Braden Ottenbreit / Supplied

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