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680 CJOB has been Winnipeg’s trusted source of information for over 70 years.  Our commitment to providing Winnipeg with accurate and timely information is unwavering.  We know our audience wants information at their fingertips and the new CJOB杭州桑拿 provides the information you have come to expect from CJOB in the digital environment.


When our parent company Corus Entertainment purchased in the spring of 2016, a plan was put in place to integrate our News Talk radio stations with Global News. This plan has brought together our newsrooms across the country, utilizing our television and radio personalities for expanded, in-depth coverage of the issues that matter most to Canadians.

We are happy to announce that the next step of this integration is now underway with the online experience for 680 CJOB being incorporated into the GlobalNews杭州龙凤 domain.

Why we are moving

GlobalNews杭州龙凤 has become one of the top news destinations in Canada and by combining forces with our fellow journalists across the country, 680 CJOB will now be able to serve the Winnipeg community better by dedicating our resources and focusing on the hyper-local issues that matter to you, our readers.

What’s changing?

Besides the domain switching from CJOB杭州桑拿 to GlobalNews杭州龙凤 when you visit our site and a slightly different appearance to match the existing GlobalNews杭州龙凤 style, not much is changing. You’ll still be able to listen to the Shadoe Davis Show (and every other show we broadcast) live, get the most comprehensive Blue Bomber coverage, find local events, gas prices, traffic, weather and contests.

For GlobalNews杭州龙凤 readers in the region, the good news is you will now have the benefit of getting more news and content focused on the Winnipeg area, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

So what’s new?

For us, the biggest benefit of moving to the GlobalNews杭州龙凤 domain is that we will now be part of a responsive website, meaning content will be optimized for any and all mobile devices. We will be posting breaking news stories even faster, giving you the important news you need. We also have access to a lot more national and international stories that we can deliver to our readers in the region. The move also helps expand our support team across the country so we can bring you great new features and more in-depth coverage.

The radio player sticky will appear at the bottom of all CJOB articles.

We’ve also made it very easy to listen live to 680 CJOB via a sticky widget on all our CJOB杭州桑拿 and Winnipeg content. This widget appears at the bottom of our homepage and on all our articles.

GlobalNews杭州龙凤 is also a responsive website, meaning you’ll be able to read our 680 CJOB content on your smartphones or tablets without the need to open our app, which is still available if you prefer to use it.

We want to hear from you

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