William Sandeson says during interrogation video intruders may have shot Taylor Samson

The seven-man, seven-woman jury in the William Sandeson murder trial saw more of his police interrogation on Wednesday.

Sandeson, 24, stands accused of killing 22-year-old Taylor Samson. Both men were students at Dalhousie University when it’s alleged the crime took place. Samson was studying physics and Sandeson was about to start his first year of medical school.

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Det.-Const. Roger Sayer, a member of the Halifax Regional Police, was once again called to the witness stand by the Crown. The jury didn’t hear from Sayer on Wednesday, instead, continued watching Sandeson’s interrogation video.

In the video, a police officer repeatedly asks Sandeson what happened at his apartment, where Taylor Samson is and whether or not he’s still alive. Sandeson is often seen crying and breathing heavily in the video. He remains silent for quite some time while an officer questions him, asking if he’s telling the truth and pressing him to describe exactly what happened the evening Samson was last seen alive.

Eventually, Sandeson tells police that intruders broke into his Henry Street apartment when Samson was there. The plan, according to Sandeson’s interrogation video, was to scare Samson over his drug dealing.

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Sandeson said the intruders asked him to turn off the surveillance video he had set up. Once it was off, Sandeson said he heard a single gunshot and believes Samson may have been shot in the back of the head.

After that, Sandeson tells the officer that the intruders removed Sandeson in a large black bag, which also contained a quantity of marijuana. The court previously heard that Samson and Sandeson had planned to meet up on the night of Aug. 15, 2015 as part of a pre-arranged drug deal to sell 20 pounds of marijuana for $40,000.

Sandeson told the officer who was questioning him that he didn’t follow the intruders or see where they went with Samson once they left his residence. Instead, he stayed behind and cleaned up the scene.

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The interrogation video ends with a police officer reading Sandeson his rights and informing him that he is being placed under arrest for murder.

The trial is now in its third week. Testimony is scheduled to resume Thursday morning at Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Halifax.

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